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Tonight I went out to shoot two buildings. One of them is Harpa, the music and conference centre downtown Reykjavik. It is an architectural wonder and its’ texture, shape and forms are wonderful to photograph. This time I decided to focus on the exterior of Harpa. I then waited a whilde to get the light I have been waiting for to shoot the Church of Kópavogur. This “after sunset but still not completly dark” dramatic sky. I must admit that photographing buildings was a bit out of my comfort zone, as I am easier with landscapes and people. But after all, it is the same basics that apply, looking at the light, try to “read” how it falls on your subject, and try to use the light to interpret what you see as important in these buildings. With Kópavogskirkja it is the obvious connection to religion and the “heavens above” and with Harpa its the unusual lines and the dramatic texture of the facade. All in all it was a cool experience.

But here are the results.

The Church of Kópavogur.

The Church of Kópavogur.

Harpa Music Hall in Reykjavik.

The Harpa Music Hall in Reykjavik.

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