Record braking snow in Reykjavik

This morning we woke up to an amazing winter wonderland in Reykjavik. At last! After one of the warmest winters we have had for decades, the snow finally showed up. All of it. Over 50 cm of snow fell in one night, and covered everything with a beautiful blanket of snow. Here are a few [...]

Three day South Coast Photo Safari

Three day photography tour in South-Iceland I recently guided a three day photo tour for Iceland Photo Tours. A february tour is usually full of winter adventures, possible snow storms, icy roads and winter wonderland. But this winter is one of the warmest we have had here in iceland for decades, and on this tour [...]

The “hidden” gems are suffering…

Yesterday I decided to take a quick drive and shoot  a wonderful little waterfall, famous for it's blue stream. The fall is a little bit tricky to find, and is considered to be a little bit out of the beaten track. But with more and more images of the place popping up on photography websites, [...]

2017 – what next?

First of all, I want to wish you all a happy new year! May 2017 bring you a lot of joy, happiness and photography.  Second of all, I want to go a little bit over the highlights of last year's photography and tourism for me. I had many wonderful projects that I am proud of, [...]

Short days – unusual sunsets

It is the season! We are fast approaching the shortest day of the year. Sunlight now lasts about 4-5 hrs and the sun is very low in the sky. That means of course that sunrise and sunset happen at "decent" hours. But more importantly, it is setting in places that are unique for this time [...]

Day Tour on the South Coast

It must be said that the forecast for yesterday's adventure was not very good. According to the forecast we could expect quite some wind, rain / sleet / snow showers and temperatures just around freezing point. We set out around 8:00 AM and the plan was to be at Dyrhólaey to shoot the surf coming [...]

Northern Lights Hunt – BANG!

Aurora photography tours can be a gamble. Tonight it all came together in one of the most magnificient aurora displays I have ever seen. The sky simply lit up and there were colors, movement and shapes that the camera just loved. It started out quite slowly but little by little the activity grew and if [...]

Shoot what you love. Love what you shoot.

Reykjanes photography tour

I love guiding people around Iceland. I love this feeling of sharing the amazing nature this country has to offer, tell stories, and meet interesting people from all over the world. The idea of my little company is first and foremost providing excellent service to those who want to get off the beaten track, take [...]

Cloudy aurora hunt

Last night the aurora forecast was very good, activity high and celar skies. But, as so often here in Iceland, the weather forecast was not quite spot on. I decided to visit one of my favorite areas, the Reykjanes peninsula, but despite the good forecast, it was mostly overcast. But by driving around I managed [...]

Seascape at sunset

Iceland Photo

Photography tours are great. But they do not all need to be long, excotic or difficult. Yesterday I read this article on about how great photographs don't always require you to travel long distances. Your backyard and your closest environment are also a great place to practice what you preach. To go out and [...]