Meet Up With NatGeo

Stephen Alvarez

Photowalking in Reykjavik with Stephen Alvarez, National Geographic Photographer.

Last Saturday I went to a Your Shot meet-up in Harpa, downtown Reykjavik. This was an event created by the editors of National Geographic’s photography community, called Your Shot. It was a very well organized event. First, an informal chat with other members of the community, cup of coffee and refreshments. Then a great talk from Mr. Stephen Alvarez, a National Geographic photographer for over 20 years, where he gave us an insight into some of his stories and projects. He then told us about his current project with Nokia and Microsoft in developing the Nokia Lumia smartphone camera, and showed us some amazing shots taken with that phone. But what struck me the most, and was probably the highlight of his talk, was his vision on photography, how it connects people, how it can be poetic and give people’s lives meaning. Really inspiring.

We then went for a photowalk downtown, with a visit to the flea market, the infamous hot dog stand, and some attempts at street photography, but due to cold weather and wind, there were not that many people out and about, but we did our best to capture some action, mood and people. But as so often, I got fascinated with the small things, people in akward postion with graffiti, etc. Small details that I so often find amusing. Here is a little gallery of photos from this photowalk.

If you are not already a member of Your Shot, I can highly reccomend it, you can see some amazing images every day, and get in touch with people who share the passion of photography with you. And, if you are lucky, you get to meet with the community, wich is something that a website can never completly do.

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