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Photography day tour with the family?

Reykjanes photography tour

The main attraction of the Reykjanes peninsula is definatley lake Kleifarvatn. The unusual rock formations are so attractive.

I love guiding people around Iceland. I love this feeling of sharing the amazing nature this country has to offer, tell stories, and meet interesting people from all over the world. The idea of my little company is first and foremost providing excellent service to those who want to get off the beaten track, take a nice walk with the camera and give myself and my clients time to wander, watch and look for good compositions.

After a rather “dull” aurora hunt last Thursday I had one of the most amazing day tours yesterday with my family. I have to say that they are after all my favorite people to guide

Photography Tour in Iceland

Even if I love my job as a guide, this is definatly one of my favorite “clients”. My daughter overlooking the amazing landscape of the Reykjanes peninsula, in a little “hidden place” that we love to visit.

around. But when they saw that I was packing the camera, doubt set in their eyes: “Are we going to have to wait while you take pictures?”

This time I took them to my favorite “secret” spot of the Reykjanes Wild and Volcanic tour, an amazing colorful canyon. As we sat down on a hill overlooking the colors of nature, they were pretty amazed that it only took us 45 minutes to drive from our home, walk over a small ridge, and then you are in landscape that is almost unreal, so colorful, quiet and peaceful.

Allow them to inpsire

Even if I have been to this place many times before, it was in a way refreshing to be there with the kids. Seeing and hearing what attracted them to his place, what they found beautiful, what moved them, was a sheer inspiration for me. We photographers all know that photography and travelling with the family

Photography tour in Iceland

Landscape photography is not always about the big vistas. Focusing on the small things can be surprisingly rewarding.

doesn’t always mix very well. They don’t always have the patience to wait while we set up our gear, wait for the right light, find the right filter etc. But they sure can inspire us, point out things that are a bit outside the typical “big vista landscape photo” and it is refreshing and rewarding to listen to their vision and revisit the place with “fresh eyes”. This little pebble for example caught my son’s eye, and he was wondering if it would eventually disappear into the sand, or if it would erode and turn to sand, wich would than later eat up another stone. And it turned out to be quite an interesting motif, and even if you don’t see it, it has great meaning for me. As stated in the title of this blog, there is a relation between shooting what you love, with the ones you love and then later loving what you shoot 🙂 I love this shot, but maybe not for the same reason as you.

And then the “artistic” photography

And as we walked around, I had time to come up with a little challenge for myself, and collect photos for a small project. I played with colors, shapes and forms, all set up in portrait orientation. The objective was to show how variable the landscape is, with close-ups and abstract shots. These will be printed and set up in my classroom as a reminder for me that inspiration can come from landscape and people that are close to you.