Puffin Love

The Atlantic Puffin, Fratercula arctica, is a wonderful little animal. For some reason the puffin has become a symbol for the blooming tourism in Iceland. Visiting a puffin colony is of course always a treat. Here is a couple of images I have shot on various occasions.

Látrabjarg is the Westernmost part of Europe and home of thousands of seabirds,  I was fortunate enough to get to travel there in June, 2014, with a group of photographers. We spent two evenings there from around 2100 till over midnight. As the sun went lower on the sky, the light became very directional and cast a wonderful, warm light on the birds. By having the birds back lit, the light would shine through the birds’s beak and give it this glowing haze.I then used a very weak flash to fill in the shadows, because there is a huge contrast between the black back and the white front of the bird. Too big for the camera’s dynamic range.

Puffins cuddling under the last glow of the midnight sun.

Puffins cuddling under the last glow of the midnight sun.

I posted a similiar photo from this day to National Geographic’s photography community, Your Shot, and it got picked by one of the editors as the Daily Dozen, a selection of photos that people then vote and the one with the most votes is picked as Photo of the Day. I was really honoured when I learned that my photo was chosen for the Daily Dozen, and also to see that it got the highest vote.

Next Saturday I will be attending a #yourshot meeting and photowalk downtown Reykjavik, and I am really looking forward to that.

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