Seascape at sunset

Photography tours are great. But they do not all need to be long, excotic or difficult. Yesterday I read this article on about how great photographs don’t always require you to travel long distances. Your backyard and your closest environment are also a great place to practice what you preach. To go out and shoot.

Iceland Photo

Waiting for the right light in the sky is usually the trickiest part.

Fulfil this need for creating something, wait for the right light, search for a decent composition, play with your filters…

Iceland Photo

Even if the light was great and colouring the sky, I really liked the black and white rendition of this seascape

I was so inspired by this article that when I looked at the sky from my home last night I went for a walk on the beach, just 15 minutes away. When I first got there, the light was not great, and it was getting

Explore the places nearby your home!
 obvious that the sun would set behind a big bank of clouds. The tide was low so the rocks that I shot before were on dry ground. So I started searching for a new composition, and found these rocks, aligned into the sea, and decided to work with that and create some depth. As I was setting up my camera, mesuring light and adding filters, the sun went below the horizon and lit up the sky with wonderful orange haze.

It was a nice little walk on a beach, and even though these shots are simple, I like the colours and the composition. But I really had to try and edit one of them in black and white, and I thing I might even like that one best of all the shots I took last night.

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