Waterfall photography

This is the waterfall Stjórnarfoss, near Kirkjubæjarklaustur in Iceland. I have been in the area more often than I can count and I have many pictures of it, with my kids swimming in the water, my mom visiting it etc. But last week I decided to capture it in a more dramatic way.

Waterfall photography in Iceland

After studying the waterfall for a while, figuring out the angle I wanted to use, using The Photographer’s Ephemeris I figured out the time of sunrise, got up at 3.30AM, just before sunrise, and set up. After a couple of shots the sun was up, casting a dramatic and beautiful light on the waterfall and into the canyon. As expected, the sky behind the waterfall was dark enough for me to keep details in the clouds.

To get the silky effect on the waterfall I used a B+W ND filter, 1.8 (6 stops) and shot this at 30 seconds, f/11, ISO 100. I had tried a couple of exposure times and 30 seconds gave me the result I wanted.

After all, this is a shot that I had previsioned, prepared and came out as I had planned. That is a fulfilling feeling, and why we continue to chase light and go to remote places. Right?

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