Why on foot? – Manifesto

Guided photography tours in Iceland.

A seaside photowalk.

So, why this emphasis on travelling on foot? Well, first of all it’s just something I love to do. Hiking and camping has been a big part of my life for a long time, and I am always most comfortable when I have everything on my back, and I can wander around in nature, absorbing it’s colors, light, shapes and forms. That is also when I feel the most creative.


Wandering around, opens your mind, sets the spirit free, and unlocks some of the creative power inside of you.
And how does that affect my photography, you might ask. I firmly believe that by travelling the way you are most comfortable affects your artistic view. If you are like me and appreciate calm atmosphere where your mind has time to wander, with your camera in hand, looking for motifs, trying different framing etc., a scheduled bus tour with limited time is not your thing.Wandering around, whether in a busy downtown setting, or in raw, wild and volcanic nature, opens your mind, sets the spirit free, and unlocks some of the creative power inside of you.


Walking gives you time to find motifs that are not always obvious.

It’s eco-friendly. Of course, there are some absolutely unique locations you might want to visit and shoot, and then you do so. The glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón, waterfalls Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss, Mt. Kirkjufell and other really well known photographic locations ,that are quite out of this world and extremely beautiful, are not within reach for someone on foot, and I have great respect for people that go out of their comfort zone to travel to such locations. I even do my best to help people get there, and guide them there too. But one of the objectives of this site is to tell the world about alternatives, locations that are so close to the capital, and still offer some astonishing landscapes, waiting there to be photographed, within 45 minutes of driving. But the landscapes are different from these well known locations, and have a different feel to them, so it might take a bit of courage to choose a photography tour to less known locations. But it might also inspire your vision, tickle your artistic and creative self, to be walking around in raw landscape and make your own images, instead of shooting these well known locations just as so many people have done before you. And you can do it with a smaller carbon footprint.

Landscape Photography Tour

By lake Spákonuvatn, a small and remote lake on the Reykjanes peninsula, just before a shower of heavy rain came in. That added drama to the shot.

Last but not least, it’s an adventure. Leaving the car for 2-4 hours, walking into the unknown, in the Icelandic climate can always lead to something interesting. But no matter the weather, it’s all about being here, now, and using whatever circumstances nature brings to sparkle some creativity and fun with your camera.

This little company is a one man show, my intention is not to build a huge enterprise or make gazillions of money. That is why my tours are mostly operated by request, and not on fixed dates. My aim is to meet interesting people, creative individuals that are ready to explore some parts of Iceland on foot. If this kind of tours interests you, make sure you contact me, check my tours, and if I am available while you are here, you can book a tour with me.



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